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Proud to be a Genusity Associate,
"A  renowned international company, that is bringing Advertising into the 21st Century and beyond."



Put those dollars where the eyes are! Genusity's unique product line can be used by any business world wide

A Quick Question

The last time you were walking on a busy street, or in a Starbucks, how many people were looking at their phone? At the airport? How about the park?

Smartphone advertising is becoming the newest, hottest...
 Advertising Frontier!

Genusity Has You Covered

You Customize, New and Affordable Marketing For Small Business  and For Organizations. Plumbers, Electricians, Hospitals and more

Retail Stores, Restaurants, Businesses, Stadiums, etc.
Transmit your Ad to every Bluetooth/Nearby enabled cell phone. 

Introducing Genusity!

"Bringing The Posibilities Of Tomorrow ... Today"

Proud To Be An Genusity Associate

Introducing Genusity 1:24

Traditional Adverising Is Dead

We Put You Back In Charge. With Genusity, you have the ability to send out information on new menu items, discounts, special events and sales.

Perfect For Any Business

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* Retail Stores

* Car Dealerships

* Hospitals

* Lawyers

* Delivery Drivers

* Car Salesman

* Doctors

* Uber Drivers

* Insurance Agents

* Auto Mechanics

* Dentists

* Lawn Care

* Non Profits

* Plumbers

* Network Marketers

* Restaurants

And More

Why Genusity?

Let's Face It, Advertising Is Only Effective When People's Eyeballs Are On Your Ad!

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Advertising Will Never Be The Same!

"The typical cellphone user touches his or her phone 2,617 time every day, according to a study by research firm Dscout. But that's just the average user: The study found that extreme cellphone users — meaning the top 10% — touch their phones more than 5,400 times daily."

Stop Wasting Your Money!

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