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If you are in marketing or sales and looking for a unique and dynamic product to add to your portfolio, then take a good look at what we are offering to the business community worldwide.

Money can be made in MLM, but not if you are moving a product that is similar and available in every retail outlet. And, not if you have to hound everyone you know. 

Instead, dare to take a whole new and different approach to reach your financial objectives.


The world today is in many ways different than a decade ago. The reality is that right now it is possible to almost work anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and the device to connect.

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In the world we live in today, more and more
people are starting their own home-based business

MLM for most, is an unexpensive alternative for the common person to start a business without the high start up cost usually involved with starting a business.

That is why Coca Cola started out as an MLM. Henry J Heinz, eventually used the MLM model for his salesman. Many other famous companies followed.
Why? Less overhead associated costs.

Why CodeBlue For Business?

Established 1999

Internet 10 Years

Digital 2 Years

We understand what the business needs are for today. We have specialized and taken care of the small business community for almost 20 years.

We are, ourselves a small business. And, as our clients move into the digital world, CodeBlue Reps will be there to guide and advise them. That is our mission, our promise.

When you come on board, you will be signing on as a Independent Distributor with Genusity. Their comp plan is over and above the MLM industry. You will get a back office and everything you need.

You can find out the details on the website and the pdf file at the bottom of the page. And, for those that are branded, knowledgeable, you are more than likely will be ready to go.


Branding is very important. It takes time to build. It also takes time to build trust and credibility. I encourage those starting out and that are serious about building their business to use the "Codeblue For Business" brand, while building their own. On "average" that takes about 2 years.

Remember you are selling to business and not to individuals and that is the difference. Contact me if interested.

How You Make Money With Customers:

Business owners and business people in the Corporate World are all looking for the best advertising for their money.

That's where Genusity comes in!

With our unique Proximity Marketing devices, we can place their advertisements and websites in front of everyone with an Android cell
phone (with bluetooth/nearby enabled) within their radius.

Imagine the endless possibilities and sales. Let's face it, if you have a product that meets the needs of many, sales will happen! When sales happen,


Even more importantly, that one time sale has the possibility of growing into a monthly residual income as those customers' service plan renews!

Not only are you going to have the opportunity to make "DAILY" income to pay today's bills, but you'll also be building tomorrow's income that could possibly take you into retirement.

Building a strong customer base is the best way to build your income!

How You Make Money Building A Team Of Associates:

As a wealthy person once said,

"Find a way to make 1% of 100 peoples efforts rather than 100% of your own and you will build true wealth!"

Even with products as great as Genusity's, you're still 1 person and only have so many hours in a day.

How do you fix this?
You build a Team Of Associates!

The more Associates you have, the more time is spread out over everyone and now you are utilizing hundreds of people hours per day.

This equates to the possibilities of more sales... creating more sales volume thus making you more money!

What most people find in the Network Marketing Industry is that it's hard to build a team because the products/services they have are not needed by most customers.

What you're going to find with Genusity's products/services is something that you've most likely never seen before... products that customers want and need! Most customers either don't have the budget for your products or they can get them at a local store for just a few dollars.

With Gensuity's product line, we are targeting businesses and business people that already have a budget set aside for advertising thus making it very easy, in most cases, to sell them our products/services.

Wouldn't you agree that it's kind of hard to sell a nutritional product to a pizza restaurant owner? But, if you have a device that can improve their advertising and bring more people in the door at a fraction of the cost of what their current advertising budget is, don't you think they'd be interested in that?

Of course they would! And so will every other business and business person needing more customers!

As you can see, with Genusity, you should be able to build larger and stronger teams and that creates an opportunity like never before for you and your team!

Here's how our amazing
Genusity Compensation Plan works...

Earn Up To 70% Commission

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