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Proud to Be An Genusity Associate


If you receive your unit(s) and decide that you would like to exchange them for different units, we do offer this service as long as it's within 14 days of you receiving the units. We will never mix and match units so you can only exchange all of your units of the same make for other units of a different make. 

The following fees and rules apply To Exchanges: 

1. A Switch Fee of $30
2. New Units Activation Fee (according to the unit(s) you select)
3. Shipping For New Units ($10 USA - $25 Other Countries)
4. Unit(s) Must Be Exchanged Within 14 Days Of You Receiving Them
5. You MUST send a Support Ticket To Get An Exchange Number
6. The fees must be paid and we must receive your units first before we ship the new units out.
7. You are responsible for shipping charges back to Genusity.
8. You must get a tracking number for your shipment.


Each beacon comes with a LIFETIME Warranty even if you damage it. Just return the broken unit, even if in pieces, along with a Cashiers Check or Money Order for the Activation Fee for the new unit, and we will ship you out a new unit. You are responsible for shipping to Genusity, but Genusity will pay for the shipping costs to get the unit(s) back to you. If you have lost the unit or it was stolen, we will replace it with a written police report. Again, you must pay the Activation Fee for the new unit before it's shipped out to you. In order for this Warranty to be in effect, you must call us first for further instructions.

You can call us Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm ET at +1 765 862 0007